Where to go, what to do, what to bring


A little Dr. Seuss inspired poem to tell you about your day!


Today is the day!
Your Oktoberfest DAY!
Wake up with a smile...
...there's no waiting this day!

Call out "I will conquer
the beer and the crowds
at the Oktoberfest grounds!"

Now, get ready to cause a commotion
dressed fine in your dirndl or lederhosen.
A bow on the left says “I’m free to mingle”
a bow in the middle says “I’ve no notion”.
Watch out! A bow on the right says “Flirting’s not alright!”
One last thing to do before you’re complete,
be sure to think kindly of your feet!
It’s very important you put on comfy shoes,
to keep up with the group and not be offbeat!

A five hour experience…
… of selfies, and laughs, and fun facts from the guide,
of friendship, and pretzels, and the best beer worldwide.
Oh what fun you’ll have!

Meet your guide and your group at Marienplatz, the city center of course.
Then on you go to a Bavarian breakfast, washed down with wheat beer.
It’s now time to away to the festival ground.
A stop on the way to marvel and cheer
at the largest inner-city beer garden in the world ever found.
On warm days seven thousand people can comfortably appear,
a half-liter of beer, free of charge, all around!

Follow your guide at the Oktoberfest grounds,
and skip all the lines without any fines!
You go to a table reserved just for you
and enjoy a Brotzeit platter, maybe even two!

Our gift to you on this wonderful day:
a half roast chicken and 2 liters of beer for later or straightaway!

Your Oktoberfest day is fast to an end
so grab your new friend
for one last cheers
and try not to shed too many tears!


The skinny

When - 9am

The tour starts at 9am of the day you booked and would be perfect if you were there 10 minutes early.

Where - Marys Column

Mary's column is at Marineplatz at the exact center of the city of Munich.  See the section at the bottom of the page to see the map and video of the location.

What to bring

Comfy shoes, smartphone for pictures, cash just in-case you want to buy a souvenir, get a cab and such. Make sure that you bring the business card of your hotel with you (you wouldn't believe how many forget where they're staying)

What not to bring

Back packs are not allowed in the tents due to security reasons, purses are allowed, DSLR cameras are OK but we don't recommend it, a smart phone camera is more than enough.

Train Tickets

Getting around Munich couldn't be simpler with the S/U-Bahn (City Train). Depending if you're staying one day or a few, in a group or alone, have a look here to see which ticket makes sense for you.

S/U-Bahn TicketsS/U-Bahn Map

Tips n Tricks

We are putting a few videos together for you to give you a little insight in to dress, hair and tradition. Videos will be uploaded over the next few months running in to the summer so make sure to check back.

TnT Videos

Starting Point

Mary's Column, Marineplatz 1, 80331 Munich

Video below shows what it looks like around the meeting point.


How to get there:

Take any S-Bahn (City Train), U-Bahn (Underground Train), to Marienplatz Station.

It's a 3 minute walk from the Marienplatz train underground to Marys column directly above the train.

S/U-Bahn Map

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