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The Oktoberfest OPENING DAY Experience

SELLS OUT FAST | ALL INCLUSIVE | The world's greatest opening day party!

Quick Details

Adult 18+ years of age only

The world’s greatest beer party!: Undefeated value for YOUR Oktoberfest Experience on the OPENING DAY!

with reserved seating!

YOU can/will be among the select few that are not stressing, sweating, rushing, to THE Oktoberfest in the god early hours of the morning, just to stand in line to get into a tent! “Those people” are there from as early as 5am just to get a “good seat”. (hehe)
We say; Experience Oktoberfest and Munich’s rich beer history at its finest in a small group tour with us: for a no stress, no pressure, no rush kind of (all inclusive) day! Learn the history of both the city and the autumn festival while enjoying Bavarian food and drink in central Munich and at the festival grounds. No tour in Munich offers anything comparable for anywhere near the bargain that we do! Not that we (possibly you) could find anyways.

Here is what your Experience would look like:

Your Experience starts in the city center where you will meet your guide (1 guide per 20 ppl for that undeniable local experience feel) Every guest gets a customized, personal and “traditional” name peg at the at the starting point. Your guide will explain the significance and you’ll be happy to have one once you get to the fest. 😉

Your guide will give you a fun and quirky introduction to the city followed by a traditional Bavarian breakfast (beer included of course!).

Breakfast done! We’ve lined our tummies and it’s time to head to the fest and catch the opening day festivities! We’ll walk you to the hotspots to watch the opening parade through the city. Your group will follow the procession through the city all the way to the fest. You’ll witness amazing moments, capture incredible photos and be the envy of all your firends. If you aren’t an instragam model or influencer yet, you will be after this!

Next: Arrive at the much-anticipated Oktoberfest grounds and bypass the masses of people directly to your very own personally reserved tables in the balcony of the #biggest tent at the fest. You will be overlooking thousands of other fest goers like a VIP from.. yep you guessed it, The Balcony! We know of no other tours that can pull this off! Your table will be decked out with a “schmorgesboard” of assorted Bavarian meats, cheeses, breads, pretzels, radishes, pickles and spreads. After all, we need to keep those tummies lined, ey.

Take some photos with the lederhosen clad waiters/ dirndl dawning waitresses and enjoy an additional 2 liters of beer and a half-roasted chicken… ALL of which are also included in the price of your Experience! You can come and go from your VIP balcony seating throughout your tour. Your armband is your ticket.

The Oktoberfest grounds offer much more than just beer and food (beleive it or not)! Your guide will make sure you know exaclty where to visit the best rides, find the hidden gems of the fest, and/or take in the sights on the ferris wheel. Be sure to ask your guide where the Toboggan and/or The Devil’s Wheel is – after you see it in action you’re guaranteed to laugh for days and days. Day’s we say!

with reserved seating!