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See history where it happened with The Holographic Experience.

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Girl With Hololens

The Holographic Experience

We bring history to life with the help of mixed reality. Immerse yourself in worlds past. From empires that have come and gone, to historic events recreated. You can will be able see what happened and exactly where it happened.

Munich tour will be available:
Summer 2017

Microsoft Hololens

How does it work?

Microsoft's Hololens allows you to see high definition holograms integrated in the real world. This is known as mixed reality. Don't worry, you'll still be able to tell the holographic and real world apart.

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Vote for a city

Vote for a city

We are so excited about creating and bringing The Holographic Experience to cities all across the world! Would you like to vote for your city? Is there a city that you think would be perfect for our kind of tour? Tell us a little about the tour you envision for your city.

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